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Lesson Plans
Based on an additional year of working the plan, the program was revised and fine tuned in December 2012 and January 2013. Attached are lesson plans for LDS Scouting in PDF format. Word documents are available at  They can be used in small packs that meet together for their den meetings. The activities are coordinated between Wolf, Bear, and Webelos so the boys work on similar requirements as they complete achievements and electives.

The Pack Meetings are an introduction to the achievements and electives that the Cub Scouts will be working on during the month. I find that it is a more effective way to engage the family in helping the boy complete assignments. We work together better and can support each other.  At the conclusion of the Pack Meeting the Home Assignments are explained and questions are answered about the month's program.

LDS Meeting Planner includes an overview of each month while the Monthly Resources include the detail. Which you provide the parents depends on your needs. Under the Advancement menu are Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Checklists that clearly indicate what parents are responsible for and what will be done in the Den and Pack Meeting.

January Pack Meeting (Core Value - Positive Attitude/Cheerful) / Pinewood Derby
First Den Meeting in January
Second Den Meeting in January

February Pack Meeting (Core Value - Resourcefulness/Thrifty)
First Den Meeting in February
Second Den Meeting in February

March Pack Meeting (Core value - Compassion/Kind)
First Den Meeting in March
Second Den Meeting in March

April Pack Meeting (Core value - Faith/Reverant)
First Den Meeting in April
Second Den Meeting in April

May Pack Meeting (Core value - Health and Fitness/Clean)
First Den Meeting in May
Second Den Meeting in May

IMPORTANT: you can modify the plans based on the requirements your boys are working on. At every Den Meeting we have at least four activities going on depending on what the boys need to compete for their advancement.
An overall plan is available in the Monthly Guides. If you would prefer Word documents they are avaialble at

Be very flexible. Day Camp provides an opportunity to complete many of the outdoor requirements. Den Meetings may or may not be held depending on vacations so we developed
Packets for families to work on while traveling or anytime over the summer.

Summer Pack Meetings
June Pack Meeting - (Core Value Perseverance/Loyal) Water Rocket Launch
July Pack Meeting - Hike and Conservation Project (Core Value Courage/Brave)
July Pack Supplement - Rain Gutter Regatta
August Pack Meeting - (Core Value Honesty/Trustworthy)
Summer Den Meetings are planned around the specific needs of the Cub Scouts. Summer is a fun time but equally complex as the program works around vacations and other summer events. Ideas are included in the
LDS Meeting Planner

September Pack Meeting (Core value - Cooperation/Helpful)
First Den Meeting in September
Second Den Meeting in September

October Pack Meeting (Core Value - Responsibility/Friendly)
First Den Meeting in October
Second Den Meeting in October

November Pack Meeting (Core Value - Citizenship/Obedient) Patriotic Songs
First Den Meeting in November
Second Den Meeting in November

December Pack Meeting (Core Value - Respect/Courteous)
First Den Meeting in December
Second Den Meeting - Plan a service project

I recommend at least a Monthly Pack Meeting for the families to enjoy the fun of Scouting. Rocket launch, Rain Gutter Regatta, Campfire, Picnic, and Outdoor Flag Ceremony  are some of the events that work well in the summertime.

Just as important to us is the August Court of Honor / Pack Meeting. The Boy Scouts prepare a slide show using their digital pictures plus ones we take at Day Camp. Cub Scout and Boy Scouts receive awards based on their accomplishments over the summer and share their thoughts about the Scouting program. Our Pack meets twice a year with all of the Scouts and their families in our Ward (August and February.)

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