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Tracking the advancement of boys can be challenging. There are tools available and I use Packmaster plus BSA's Internet Advancement, but planning the program month to month is complicated when boys join the Pack at random times. Not that it is impossible, but it is challenging. Thankfully, our units are normally small; at least they are in my stake.

I assess each boys when they join us at eight years old or when they join from another Pack. After that I normally check their progress every three months. This gives me an assessment of where the boys are so I can make assignments for them to complete at home or know where I need to modify my program.

I use a different sheet for
Wolf, Bear, and Webelos. I have decided that these are my favorite tools for ensuring that the program meets the needs of our Cub Scouts. You can hand a sheet to the parents and indicate exactly what the boys needs to do at home.

Cub Scout Requirement combines all the requirements on two pages so the leaders can see quickly what they need to plan for.

The Day Camp Advancement sheet is an example of what I take to Day Camp every day to make sure I capture everything that they do.

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